...in one quantum leap...


accelerated miracle performance 

enhancement driver



the definitive-to-date A M P E D VOLUME 

and a miracle in every way:

The sound, the script, the frequencies, the subliminals, the music, and the effect...

Ever felt you've always known reality works on quantum not linear mechanics and that a miracle is possible, even inevitable and all you have to do is activate it...if you only knew how?

Ever felt you've always been potentially able to shift reality in one quantum leap if you only knew how to perform a miracle?

Ever felt everything always lining up behind the scenes to produce exactly the quantum shift you wanted, and was just waiting for you to activate it, but you didn't know how? 

Ever felt you've always had the power to perform a miracle that would bring you everything you've always wanted – love, health, money, freedom, fulfilment, delight, and even that the choice was entirely yours but you just didn't have the key? 





You see you were right, the choice is entirely yours

BUT you fell prey to the pall of societal conditioning that had you mistaking the real world for the unreal world, and the unreal world for the real, had you believing you were ultimately powerless to perform miracles, had you believing, even talking of miracles, was fantastical, let alone relying on miracles.

To effectively reprogram that on your own would take years, would take decades of daily disciplined, focused practice.

Not that there's anything wrong with taking your time.

BUT if you want to accelerate the process, dismantle the blocking-filter, activate the power and start performing miracles NOW


Six audio-visual 'episodes' of over one hour each – listen to each episode once a day for six to seven days, move onto the next and at the end of six weeks, without having had to do anything more than press play once a day using headphones, earpieces or external sound delivery system to install the drive – once you've installed the drive in your internal circuitry the miracle force is activated and you're ready to start performing beyond your wildest dreams.

The ground-breaking electro-organic open-genre expressive-cinematic music is sensational and replete with soul– if you like it so much the better, you'll find it richly entertaining – but if you don't it makes no difference – because the frequency design with embedded binaurals and subliminals does the work for you regardless.

There is nothing like A M P E D VOLUME THREE: THE MIRACLE 


A M P E D VOLUME ONE and A M P E D VOLUME TWO, the preparation, the John the Baptist to get you ready for the one that would come: A M P E D VOLUME THREE: THE MIRACLE 

Like its two predecessors, the priceless V3 entrainment program is the humane price of just $424. 

And if all that was all so much information your heads gone spinny, 

A M P E D VOLUME THREE: THE MIRACLE will clear your mind in a trice.

A M P E D – advanced brain-entrainment technology combined with stupendous music to awaken the superhuman

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If you have any of these combinations email suppport@barefootdoctorworld.com and you'll be sent the relevant coupon to discount the price

AMPED VOLUME 3 - THE MIRACLE is available end February

What people say about AMPED

Amped unfussily and unspectacularly created a fundamental calm that allows me to proceed and make better choices without existential fear riding me hard.

My relations are more fluid, flow better, especially in crowds or groups.

Remain present and enjoy - yes. I feel more settled and thus more able to enjoy any future, no matter whether it is fun or not, so it will be fun. I do not feel optimistic as in “yeah, hey, great party coming up, looking forward to it”. Just trust my ability to make a good thing out of the coming things

Lisa Florkowski

I was generally unclear about the future. Now I have clarity.

I've become very aware of "dumb" thoughts and how I don't need to react to them and I can just let them go.

Adam Sussman

I am a retired woman living in the Spanish hills . I tended to be reclusive, a bit uncomfortable in crowds and easily irritated by people. All this is fading away. I know we are all on the same journey.

I like myself and talk away any negative thought or feelings. I feel so much lighter about events.

I am much kinder and accepting of people, I am what I am and they are who they are.

The adventure is bright and I am joyous most of the time.

I have loved the whole thing and feel very happier and relaxed about life. The world is chaotic but I know it will all work out ... thank you for this wonderful transformation.

I have felt almost bereft to have completed the 6 elements may well do it all over again. Wonderful, I feel renewed.

Julia Riss

At age 50 I feel I’m running out of time to be successful in life and still hoping for a quick solution to clear my debts. Small changes have happened to reduce outgoings but still in continual overdraft. What is remarkable is I’m not feeling overwhelmed by my situation which I was feeling prior to Amped

When alone in the house I would sing along and dance about a little. When listening before going to work I would find myself hearing sections in my head and singing quietly to myself whist at work. The music made me feel happy inside.

Yes, any time I started worrying about something the affirmation “everything works to my advantage, I thrive and prevail come what may, it all works out, it all works out”

Andrea Hopkinson

I was fearing a decrease of cash flow and that did not happen. In general, I feel more thankful of being here

It seems easier feeling thankful for being here, no matter what and I notice more moments of mindfulness. Moreover, I found very liberating the "you don't have to believe to affirmations" approach, over others systems that push in that direction instead.

Yes, I find easier to communicate and even when to choose to talk or to shut up.

Where I am stil a bit overwhelmed I seem to see the way to get out of the fog

I appreciate the Doc's work since 1999 and I think Amped is a true gem.

David Capostigno

Life is mirroring the affirmations. My confidence has grown. My awareness and appreciation of the process it’s taking me though is clearer. Opportunities are presenting themselves. People that are aligned with my own desires and vision are appearing. It’s invited me to engage in my personal journey unlike mainstream music.

I am becoming my own inner coach in the most beautiful way.

Penelope MacNeil

I had high anxiety and fluctuating moods which seem to have subsided somewhat these past couple of weeks. I am still doing AMPED 2 for the first time. So perhaps I will have a different answer after I go through it all.

I am certainly able to bring myself there [the present moment] faster and easier.

Judy Kennedy

Body is looser and self talk is more “in this moment I’m complete the whole universe is mine” No lack or limitations in my thinking, just waiting now, for the Universe to catch up / resonate at the same frequency then bang-unstoppable.

Hakikat Chaddr

AMPED has given me a more consistent flow and definitely taken me deeper and higher. I feel great and others have noticed me glowing

[The] audio only [is] - really convenient as I listen to it whilst traveling or working. As I only did it this way, each session was on repeat- a powerful blast of amazement!

Been grooving! The messages come automatically now when I'm in need: fantastic

I'm calmer, much more centred & balanced. It brought up some astonishing anger early on but I recognise this as part of the process.

Definitely more vibrant. Relationships are smoother and far more positive- able to let go and transcend when required

I have far more ease and faith in the future

I have never felt such peace - being in flow is magical. I feel powerful, find joy and health in every direction. It's amazing- totally transformative.

I'd add that the system as a whole has been the most life-changing and enhancing thing I have ever done! It is beautiful and powerful in every way.  

Gill Heyworth

I found myself reciting the words along with you many times. I was usually relaxing with closed eyes while listening.

Thanks again for this amazing recording :-)

Marie Car

In the nine months since first doing AMPED, I am far more grounded & assertive in my interactions with others, where appt. I feel more able to move forward with my goals & dreams in the main as well. Creativity also pours through me with ever greater ease & frequency!

I detach from negative thoughts more easily now & have a better inner dialogue going on inside my head. I do have an inner narrative which serves me better since using the AMPED trilogy.

Keep going Doc, you are changing the world with the FANTASTIC AMPED trilogy!!! Thank you Sir. x

Danny Greene

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