Barefoot Doctor's Deep Confidence Training

Regain & Restore Your Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem & Self-Worth so you can ride the adventure of life for all it’s worth

Barefoot Doctor's in-depth Deep Confidence Training is the failsafe way to overcome long-held, deeply ingrained feelings of not being good enough,

so you can
take rather than avoid exciting opportunities,
say “yes” when you mean yes and “no” when you mean no,
move forward or change direction in your career,
have the courage to start or leave a relationship,
be the real you (not the version you think others want you to be),
live the life you want rather than the one you’ve settled for,
find more freedom, fun and fulfilment.
Confidence (from Latin con, meaning with, and fidere, to hold faith) has the more or less literal meaning ‘believe in yourself’- but what is this ‘self’ people have to believe in for life to perform its best for them?

If it’s that hodgepodge construct of half-cooked notions, lies, complexes and pretense Freud called the ego defenses, it’s no wonder people fundamentally lack confidence - because all they’d be believing in would be a lie.

  • Get to know your true self

    Paradoxically by knowing your true self, that which lies behind all the noise of personality believing in it becomes a moot point anyway, because you are it and can distinctly feel yourself so, hence belief is redundant. At some point back in protohistoric times the collective unconscious, in order to implement swarm factor mechanisms, must have made a contract with itself for every individual down through the generations to suffer from not feeling good enough. This misconception is sustained by educating children to compare themselves to others, rather than reference their worth to the value of their true self. In all my years of working intensively and extensively with hugely popular, successful, self-assured DJs, musicians, singers, actors, models, big-up business buccaneers, designers, film-directors and all sorts – even a reformed heavyweight gangster – I’ve not met a single person who doesn’t suffer from some deficit in self-esteem, self-worth or self-entitlement

  • But confidence is much misunderstood

    – it’s not loud or brash, it’s not about front and the ability to walk into a room and dominate any conversation, it doesn’t transform your life in three minutes, nor get you walking about all overly-assertive like you’ve just been on a weekend assertiveness training. The confidence I refer to is a quieter quality – more subtle, more discreet, not egocentric and in fact to the contrary, quite altruistic in the sense of focusing on being of service to our fellows rather than merely serving our own urges for superficial gratification. Confidence is about holding trust with life through thick and thin, and with your own capacity to funnel and process life optimally for the duration. With confidence informing you you’re able to do the Taoist dance of flowing like water – never piling up or stagnating, always flowing towards your intended outcome no matter what obstacle rears its head in your path – and you’re able to enjoy the ride rather than waste it resisting and fighting the flow.

  • To be confident requires self-esteem, self-worth and self-entitlement.

    These attributes are commonly in deficit due to us comparing ourselves to others and competing to qualify for humanity, rather than retaining true perspective. With true perspective it’s patently clear you’re a flower of nature, an expression of Tao in human form and if you’re good enough for the Tao to squeeze itself into your shape you qualify. In short if you’re here reading this you qualify. Barefoot Doctor’s Deep Confidence training helps you make the subtle, yet radical shift of inner view to profoundly reset your relationship with the world around you. The training is vastly different from other available self-confidence trainings which focus on front without the radical reset – so whilst they may be helpful to a certain extent it’s unlikely you’ll gain any lasting value. Deep Confidence is an in-depth transformational training, direct and to the point. In just three weeks it takes you step-by-step through your current beliefs about yourself and the world, challenging your perspective and tasking you with exercises to shift you forward.

  • What does the training comprise?

    A respectful sophisticated and elegant affair – a system built for intelligent adults, proper advanced major-general level fare – Deep Confidence training is fun and forthright comprising 22 follow my leader videos: Introduction Dispelling misconceptions about being perfect; Internal conversation – changing how you talk to yourself; Enumerating your supposed deficiencies; Enumerating your qualities Gaining perspective; Developing a kindly inner voice; Understanding the human balance – no one is all good or all bad; The value of making everyone around you feel wonderful; Reintegrating split-off aspects of self Integrating the future you; Psycho-linguistics – restructuring your model of reality; The real gauge of self worth; Treating yourself well; Confident self-leadership; Affirmations – realistic positive thinking; Trusting your own unique life-stratagem; Understanding you gift to humanity Dispelling the myth of needing to earn love; Presenting yourself optimally; Acknowledging yourself.

  • What makes this in-depth system unique?

    Me. You. The training itself. The in-depthness of it. And aside from me having gained more insight than most contemporary teachers have had hot dinners, hence having an in-depth handle on it by dint of the numbers of people I’ve taught and treated in over forty years from all walks of life, hence a well-honed ability to convey it with sufficient clarity and delight, the fact that unlike other trainings around, it’s utterly mumbo-jumbo- and mystification-free, it’s utterly non-flowery, it’s utterly to the point, and perhaps most importantly it’s the only system I know of that works in such a focused way to reset the underlying condition rather than just the surface or front. This stuff is pure magic but it takes more than imagining yourself waving your magic wand – you do actually have to watch the videos and do the exercises. And if you do, all the rewards of unshakeable self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth and self-entitlement and more will be yours so you can go out there and live the life you’ve dreamed of but hitherto been too afraid to action.

  • You’ll also get these gifts to help you ingrain the training:

    Deep Confidence Poly-paralyminal Audio – brand new kicking techno dance track with enough embedded subliminals to get you fully airborn as you dance. The way it works is you hear or semi-hear an affirmation or suggestion once twice or thrice, and then kind of detect it going on just under the surface, at the same time the next suggestion or affirmation is introduced, so that by the time you rest your booty at the end you’ll have been receiving a multitude of affirmations simultaneously. This sends them all straight into the subconscious and triggers it to produce the requisite state. You’ll also notice the affirmations working off each other and forming totally different affirmations in so doing. It’s very powerful.

  • Confidence Building Meditation

    – nifty Neo-Taoist confidence-building meditation session set to the soothing yet stirring strains of an extemporized PURE B soundtrack for your existential and sensual wellbeing and satisfaction. Magnificent In Every Possible Way – rousing motivational meditation to elicit a state of personal magnificence and promote manifestation of a magnificent life, set to an almost edible PURE BAREFOOT beat, proffered for your listening and spiritual delectation and delight, with love. Remove Constraints Meditation – soulful meditation to help you remove all unnecessary self-imposed constraints on your happiness, wellbeing, abundance and success backed by a heart-warming PURE BAREFOOT beat, proffered with love at this point because it’s worth it and so are you. Trust Yourself – relaxing, reassuring opportunity to clarify the fundamental choices upon which your reality is predicated, set to a relaxing, reassuring, uncomplicated Pure B beat for your sensual and existential delectation – with love…

Why go Deep with Barefoot Doctor?

Barefoot Doctor has dedicated his life to studying the human condition and developing ways everyone can use to ameliorate it and eventually to attain to a state of perpetual delight for being alive come what may.
Hundreds of thousands of people across the world have turned their lives around with his transformational training.

A master of Taoist martial arts and doctor of Chinese medicine, Barefoot Doctor has spent almost five decades exploring, interpreting, practicing and teaching the methods, philosophy and life management skills of ancient Taoism, as well as being an avid student of belief systems, spirituality and human potential.

He studied psychotherapy with the eminent, maverick psychotherapist RD Laing for three years and shamanism with the native American Indians of Taos, New Mexico for four years.

Returning to London in the early 80s, Barefoot ran the UK’s busiest acupuncture healing practice for 17 years, growing in acclaim and treating celebrities including Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Jade Jagger and members of the Pink Floyd as well as people from all walks of life.

He has authored 17 books including ‘Handbook For The Urban Warrior’, ‘Liberation’, ‘Manifesto’, and more recently ‘Pure’, ‘The Man Who Drove With His Eyes Closed’, and ‘The Message’.

He also wrote a weekly column for the UK’s national Sunday newspaper The Observer for five years, has been a regular on radio and national TV and hosted his own TV show.

Barefoot is also a musician, composer, master sound-healer and music producer who developed a new style of healing electronic dance music and pioneered the ‘conscious clubbing’ movement.

He created the ‘Damn Sexy’ range of healing fragrances and organic Precious Essence and was a pioneer in teaching self-development courses online.

Barefoot now travels the world running workshops and retreats, doing talks, holding conscious clubbing nights, writing, making healing music, and teaching the Taoist way through his online courses. He also runs a mental health project at the Pavilion in London to help people diagnosed ‘dangerous psychotic’ transit from the mental health ward into ‘care in the community’.

In this new Deep Confidence training, Barefoot merges his lifelong research and experience from almost five decades of practice and three decades of teaching and healing to create the fastest, structured program that anyone troubled by lack of confidence, anxiety, stress or shyness in one-to-one, social or work situations can follow in order to tackle their traumas and ride the adventure of life – no matter at what stage of life you’re at.

What people say about training with Barefoot Doctor
“I had crippling low self esteem and lacked confidence to make much needed changes in my personal and working life. Doing all the exercises paved the way to freedom and true happiness. I left a duff relationship and job, my life just gets better and better. I no longer suffer from unnecessary stress and anxiety.”
Amanda – UK
“I worried too much about what other people think. You taught me to be more centered & less concerned with other people’s ideas. Thank you”
Joe, USA
“I used to be a very, very shy girl and not confident at all – scared, nervous most of the times. You have helped me MASSIVELY – I am so much more out there and more confident as person. Before I was like a bird in a cage and now with your help I feel I am a free bird!”
Maria, UK
“You gave me greater belief in myself and my life and destiny”
Corinne, Spain
“I had massive anxiety, addiction, low self worth. In COUNTLESS ways Doc you’ve been a wonderful teacher.”
Julia UK

“I lost my confidence in decision making. I felt that I could no longer trust my gut instincts, it left me feeling scared, confused and devoid of self confidence. You made me realise my mistakes were just part of my story and I learned to love myself again – for that I am eternally grateful.“
David, UK
“You helped me trust, believe in myself more and feel worthy. I used your affirmations to boost my confidence and secured a job after a couple of weeks. Thank you so much.”
Niti, UK
“I had no confidence although others thought I had, I didn’t believe in myself – lack of self worth & self love. You taught me how to listen to my inner voice & hear it clearly, to let go of stuck habits & to have a tool kit of techniques to fall back on & to fully trust myself. I can’t thank you enough.”
Gaby – UK

“I had feelings of inferiority – your teachings have helped me to have more confidence – to love myself.”
Liz, Scotland
“Being a life-long sufferer of social anxiety I found Barefoot Doctor very useful in giving me insight into my thought processes and how to change them for the better.”
Lee – UK
“You showed me how to live every moment, how to use my energy for change instead of being so afraid. Thank you from my heart
Sabine, Germany
“I was told by older relatives that ‘nice girls’ didn’t push themselves forward. You helped me realise how to voice my thoughts and feelings confidently.”
Lois, UK
“I felt that I simply didn’t match up to what others expected of me. You taught me to be confident in the knowledge that I am fine just as I am.”
Lynn, UK
“Barefoot’s work has been immense for me–more than any other teacher or guide. I cannot say enough–and I have worked with a lot. You have opened my eyes, mind, heart and body and my soul says THANK YOU!”
Tara – USA

Barefoot Doctor’s Deep Confidence Training

THE failsafe method for developing unshakable
self-esteem, self-worth & self-entitlement.

22 video-based training sessions with exercises to help you learn to hold trust with yourself and your life, through thick and thin
Easy and quick to learn, fun to follow, unique and in-depth
Watch on any computer or mobile device whenever its convenient for you
Lifetime access, learn at your own pace and dip in whenever you need it
Plus five audio-based meditations to help ingrain what you learn, and of course
30 day no questions asked, full money-back guarantee

The training comprises

  • 2
    Deep Confidence Training
    • Being Perfect
    • How you talk to yourself
    • Supposed Deficiencies
    • Enumerate your qualities
    • Gaining perspective
    • Kindly inner voice
    • Understanding the inner balance
    • Making everyone feel wonderful
    • Reintegration
    • The future you
    • Your reality
    • Self-worth
    • Treating yourself well
    • Self-leadership
    • Realistic positive thinking
    • Trusting your own unique life stratagem
    • Understanding your gift to humanity <