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to make you well, make you feel swell and get you high naturally

  • One of the greatest gifts the Taoist geniuses of ancient days bequeathed us is the acupuncture-acupressure system. Acu is from the Greek for skin, hence puncturing or pressing the skin. Puncturing is in its way one of, if not the most powerful, medical modalities there is, provided you know exactly what you’re doing, but naturally requires relatively intensive training over a period of years, which is tricky though not altogether impossible or out of the question to train you in online at some future time. But pressing if taught and practiced properly (which like puncturing is rare these days owing to an endemic lack of real knowhow among the teaching fraternity, bless them all – and it’s probably better than nothing at all) is equally as powerful. It’s not so much the method of stimulation but the points you press and the combination and order of points you use.

The diagnostic aspect of primarily reading or listening to the pulse is the bedrock of the system – very few people understand the pulses anymore, hence why in modern Chinese and Western schools they tend merely to teach observation of the tongue as the main diagnostic tool, and this is a shame and a little like conducting an orchestra in a Beethoven symphony with no string or double bass section. That as may be – and again though highly complex it’s not totally unrealistic to imagine teaching the real deal online one day – but for now naturally without any diagnostic tool, your range of possible interventions is limited. However we’re not talking here about training you up as a fully qualified doctor of the art.

There is a fairly secret sequence of points which, whether needled or pressed correctly have such a powerful all-encompassing healing effect for pretty much any condition or set of conditions, that if you learn it, you’ll be tooled up healing-wise for most eventualities (after all it’s the person – yourself or another – we’re treating, not a condition).

And it’s not just any old sequence – this is the proper VIP sequence used by those same geniuses to induce a so-called trance state, or supra-conscious state that puts you fully in command of your own autonomic system or enables you to help another take command of theirs, and so heal, i.e. rebalance the entire mind-body system back to optimal levels. And you don’t need diagnostic skills or even an understanding of the background system to take full benefit by its use.

Gain full benefit from the VIP Acupressure Training on its own or if you want to really get into it, go deeper still and acquire the big knowledge that gives you the big healing power contained in SUPERHEALING

In the training, which consists of an introduction followed by a series of videos each approximately 5 minutes long, watchable on the phone or wherever, with an exercise to practice each day:

you first learn the art of pressing properly,
then you learn each point of the sequence in turn, with a review each day of the sequence up to there.
So by the time you’ve completed the training you know the whole sequence and how to deploy it effectively.

 For quick attainment of mental clarity, focus and calm, emotional equilibrium, and physical ease and robustness there’s probably no other intervention more useful or handy, pardon the pun. In fact I liked it so much, I bought the company.

Try it for yourself and if it doesn’t float your mind-body boat fully within 30 days you’ll get a full refund, so nothing to lose and everything to gain here with this one.

It’ll make you well, make you feel swell and get you high naturally.

With love and a friendly press, Brother Barefoot the Taoist doc

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For quick attainment of mental clarity, focus and calm, emotional equilibrium, and physical ease and robustness

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