A New Manifesto

Learn how to manifest like a Taoist Master.

Make what was lacking appear & banish persistent problems forever.

  • A NEW MANIFESTO … a training in manifesting … a training in being a rabbit and hat.

    It’s no conjuring trick – Barefoot Doctor’s New Manifesto is an intensive, in-depth, proven training to quantum leap your progress in life and retrieve the missing sense of ‘mmmmm’ in your heart and soul. And no… …this is not “yet another” spiritual materialism manifesting training to bag a Bugatti, ensnare a soulmate, land a couple of billion, or even find a parking space. Whilst those or whatever it is you think you want will be a by-product, they’re not what A New Manifesto is primarily about. YES this is a training in manifesting. More profound it’s a training in being – being you – manifesting YOU in all the limitless fullness of your unique brand of glory & magnificence YES, YOU! … because once you have that back, all the rest follows Learn to do this by using ancient Taoist magic in the contemporary idiom – far more magical, mysterious and marvelous than any other so called manifesting training I’ve discovered in over 50 years of dedicated daily personal research and practice. It gives you back your missing ‘mmmmm’, that innate state of pure delight, joy and above all contentment in your heart and soul.

That was and is your birthright but you've all but lost it along the way chasing after the things of the world.

Taoist Magic – the oldest, clearest method of manifesting known to humankind
Taoist magic is the oldest system of true magic still extant – predating any so-called laws of attraction by not just centuries but millennia; older than even the Egyptian and Babylonian upon whence derives all western abracadabra magic, including the recent rash of manifesting offerings, secret or otherwise.

Treasured by emperors and warriors, hidden in dusty tomes, in musty libraries, in rusty vaults in crumbling palaces – whispered about in hushed tones – no one knows exactly how these ancient, time honored methods developed, but the efficacy is obvious from the level of secrecy traditionally surrounding them.

Taoist magic was jealously guarded for millennia, firmly the preserve of the elite, accessible only to those in the highest strata of society. There was good reason – they didn’t want everyone knowing their tricks.

Fortunately for us we have me, who had the good fortune to be drawn to study Taoist Magic in Hong Kong in the early ’70s, and has ever since been living with it as the core driver, experimenting like the sorcerer’s apprentice, getting it right, getting it wrong and eventually arriving at a state of sufficient clarity to teach it – first through the original MANIFESTO book in 2004 that inspired this training and now, with a quantum packet of experience and perspective more to offer, A NEW MANIFESTO.

But being ancient and time-honored isn’t everything. Taoist magic also happens to provide the clearest method for manifesting there is.

Free of all the superstition and beliefs that make other systems difficult to follow or to achieve any consistency with, Taoist magic offers a clear path to manifesting fairly instantaneously the otherwise rare state of enlightened contentment and profound joyfulness for which you seek to manifest whatever it is you think you want in the first place. And the truly elegant twist with Taoist Magic is once you have that state all the rest follows naturally and with ease.

Learn the genuine secret of Taoist magic – the art of wu wei wu – & you’ll effortlessly guide in whatever you need to attain & sustain the state of ‘mmmmm’, that deep contentment and innate joy of the true nature at the core of your heart and soul.
It works in reverse to every other system.

You start by discerning the experience or feeling state you imagine obtaining by manifesting whatever it was you wanted.
You then learn how to activate that experience or state within.
Once the state is manifested you then learn how to ignite a magnetic resonance that draws unto itself all relevant external elements to match and mirror the internal state.

And that’s when magic works.

The alternative is a grasping spiritual materialism that only jars the flow and ultimately results in disappointment and misery.

The problem is that without a sound grounding in being and remaining fully present and thus fully appreciating, enjoying and valuing the greatest gift of all, being here, you’re automatically lost in the realm of wanting – the Buddhists call it the realm of the hungry ghosts because you’re not really here at all, merely a ghost chasing chimeras – or windmills.

Taoist magic provides the solution
elder_wand_lightYou learn how to instantaneously achieve the exact state you’ll have when your vision has eventually materialized – but NOW – and as soon as you have, everything shifts about in your life to match, mirror and support it, with almost no effort on your part whatsoever. And it works.

I know that because I’ve been using it myself for over 40 years and have made it central to my life’s work – I’ve spent so much time exploring the method, practicing it and teaching it I’m often surprised to find I’ve not grown a magic wand attached to the palm of my hand.

I studied it in Hong Kong in the 1970s. I took time and care to interpret the mechanics of the system rather than copy the various rituals by rote to understand the principles fully. I subsequently used these with such a startling effect my life’s never been the same again – I’ll be happy to share more one day but right now there are more important things to tell you about.

Suffice it to say all the work and experimentation over that time along with the experience I’ve had teaching it means you’ll be able to use this system and attain actual results within weeks if not days of activating your magic.

One woman I’ve worked with recently used the system to raise substantial investment on a brilliant but totally maverick business idea, that would normally have been almost impossible to do, all the way from scratch in just three months.
Another conceived a baby after being told by doctors she was irreversibly infertile.
I could go on but don’t want to shout too loud as it drowns out the gist of what I’m wanting to convey to you.

Real magic.

So if you’ve ever fancied yourself as a bit of a master at guiding destiny (and I don’t just mean conjuring tricks) you’ve just landed squarely on your feet, because that's what A NEW MANIFESTO
…a training in manifesting… a training in being will do.

Over 1,000 foot of text, over 4 hours of audio, over 3 hours of film, all spread over 18 days

This  is ancient arcane Taoist alchemy, now accessible for you to learn at the deepest level through 18 intensive days of in-depth training in mastering the art of guiding destiny

I demystifies the manifesting process, explaining it clearly in contemporary language.

You’ll learn the genuine secret of Taoist magic – the art of wu wei wu – the ability to effortlessly guide in whatever you need to attain and sustain the state of ‘mmmmm’, that deep contentment and innate joy of the true nature at the core of your heart and soul – the jewel everyone’s chasing in precisely the wrong place.

MANIFESTO, from Latin, to produce in my hand, or by waving my wand – something from nothing – manifestation: sudden appearance of an other worldly phenomenon – manifesting: exposing/accessing the subatomic realm
What does the training comprise?
This is a unique online training – an intensive masterclass level process in manifesting.

By the end of it YOU’LL NOTICE YOUR WHOLE LIFE will already be changing for the better in surprising and remarkable ways

You use a combination of audio and video, with specially created polyparalyminals to ingrain what you learn. All supported by in depth notes and images to use as your primary guide throughout – the text will tell you when to listen to the relevant audios and when to watch the relevant videos as well as provide a ground-level view only text can do.

The training is in three phases – preparation, process and managing the ensuing ride:

Phase 1 - After orienting yourself with the introductory text you listen to a series of nine audios, one a day, preferably repeatedly, as various frequencies are used quietly at the bottom of the sound, in which are embedded all the key points using my unique ‘polyliminal’ technique to get the important data into your circuits effectively.

Phase 2 – Activation process – video, text & audio

Once the groundwork is firmly in place, the activation occurs across six videos:

Adjusting your standing
Dismantling your reception blocks
Dispelling misplaced intentions
Discerning and formulating your intention
Drawing up the primordial power and invoking the primordial self, and
Short framing your intention
You read each day’s process in the text first, then watch the video to practice. Then when you’re familiar with the entire sequence and want to practice it from start to end without watching, put in ear pieces and practice with the audio.

Phase 3 – The Manifesto – video, text & audio

The most important part of the training – even more important than having activated your intention and set the magic in motion – it determines the amplitude, quality, depth and plenitude of experience you have.

Phase 3 combines exercises, acupressure, visualisation, and pledges – follow the text, follow the moves on video, visualise and pledge. After you’ve watched and practiced with the video, use earpieces to listen to the audio pledges as you go about your day.

At the end of the training dedicate yourself to using this simple ritual for 28 days, by the end of which your life will already be radically changing according to your intention.

WARNING: do not use if not totally committed to huge positive change because this really will start triggering huge positive change immediately
You’ll also receive these complementary gifts:
Bonus 1 – Shortcut to manifesting a pile of cash
How to specifically manifest a sudden pile of cash (because no matter what else anyone ever wants, cash is generally right up there at the top of the list even if people don’t tend to immediately admit it).

Bonus 2 – Eight hour-long Sunday Session manifestation talks + meditations
Eight one-hour sessions focused on a specific aspect of manifesting + guided meditation to support your manifesting process – all sessions free with the New Manifesto training
Why learn with BAREFOOT DOCTOR?
I’ve been immersed in all aspects of Taoist practice for nearly five decades. I’ve helped millions of people get well in mind and body, and to achieve their dreams. I’m proud of this and feel privileged to have had and have the opportunity.

Back in 2003 I wrote MANIFESTO, the original book about Taoist magic which inspired this training. And it did so well I still receive emails from people around the world raving about how after using the method they manifested a house or a lump of money or met the partner of their dreams and so on.

What the media said about Manifesto

“Funny, wise and provocative.” SUNDAY PEOPLE

“Sensitive and peculiar English warrior of the psyche has arrive to soothe our everyday angsts.” THE GUARDIAN

“A charismatic figure with a calming way (of helping his charges) … one to catch.” TIME OUT

“He answers all kinds of modern-day ills with his Taoist wisdom…and a huge dose of humour.” MARIE CLAIRE HEALTH & BEAUTY

“Barefoot Doctor is the modern day equivalent of a nomadic healer (but he’s also got) enough charm and humour to make palatable at least some of the pseudospiritual psychobabble his vocation involves” DAILY TELEGRAPH

And over a decade on, with a vast deal more experience, clarity and understanding of it myself, the training is at least ten times more powerful.

Firstly you’ll start feeling marvelous almost instantly. Your perspective on life will shift immediately as if you’ve already got whatever it is you want and this magnetizes everything into place for you far more quickly and enjoyably.

Whether it’s your love life, your health, your wealth, your freedom, your security or your excitement you’re focusing on, huge results will occur

Barefoot Doctor
Intensive, In-Depth Training
Remember when it comes to magic – real magic – the Taoists have always been the masters. Let’s have fun – come be a master of magic with me – join me for A New Manifesto, retrieve your ‘mmmmm’ and all the rewards you could ever dream of along with it.

The training comprises

  • 1
    Phase 1 - Preparation
    • Introduction FREE PREVIEW
    • Introductory video FREE PREVIEW
    • Day 1 - Orientation session
    • Day 2 - Start preparation
    • Day 3 - Preparation - audio 1
    • Day 4 - Preparation - audio 2
    • Day 5 - Preparation - audio 3
    • Day 6 - Preparation - audio 4
    • Day 7 - Preparation - audio 5
    • Day 8 - Preparation - audio 6
    • Day 9 - Preparation - audio 7
    • Day 10 - Preparation - audio 8
    • Day 11 - Preparation - audio 9
  • 2
    Phase 2 - Process
    • Day 12 - process - notes
    • Day 12 - process - video 1
    • Day 12 - process - audio 10
    • Day 13 - process - notes
    • Day 13 - process - video 2
    • Day 13 - process - audio 11
    • Day 14 - Process - notes
    • Day 14 - Process - video 3
    • Day 14 - Process - audio 12
    • Day 15 - process - notes
    • Day 15 - process - video 4 - intention
    • Day 15 - process - audio 13
    • Day 16 - process - notes
    • Day 16 - process - video 5 - energy
    • Day 16 - process - audio 14
    • Day 17 - process - notes
    • Day 17 process - video 6 - outcome
    • Day 17 - process - audio 15
  • 3
    The Manifesto
    • Day 18 - The Manifesto
    • Day 18 video 7 - The Manifesto
    • Day 18 - audio 16 - The Manifesto
    • Suggestions
    • A New Manifesto closing
  • 4
    Bonus 1 - Shortcut to Manifesting a Pile of Cash