LastLongo Qigongo

Taoist Internal Alchemy & beyond to activate an immortal spirit body & ride the back of destiny

Take your QIGONG…AND YOUR LIFE to the next level with this in-depth internal alchemy training. 


Learn how to MOVE THE CHI through a series of subtle energy-pathways to create a psycho-energetic sheath and sturdy vehicle to house, carry and protect your true self – the immortal spirit body. Boosts your health, stamina and self-healing power Enhances your manifesting skills Develops your immortal spirit body Stops you being a people pleaser Confers perspective What is Internal Alchemy? Internal alchemy is a central tenet of Taoist practice even and especially interestingly enough to the heart of serious martial arts training. This is significant. The Taoist system is very much based around partial arts practice – not that you necessarily need to learn to fight but acquiring the mind-set gives you the poise to successfully manage any opposition life presents you with and to dance with it rather than grapple. It involves transmuting wonderful crude animal sexual energy in the pelvic floor (root chakra for yogis) into pure will, then into pure love, then into pure spirit, by shifting it up the body, belly to heart, to brain.

Enhances your manifesting skills

As soon as you can discern clearly what you really want in any given situation the Tao conspires to bring it to you with the minimum of fuss or delay. 

The art is knowing what you really want, what your soul requires rather than what you believe you should want, either because it’s whatever everyone else wants or because you’ve wanted it yourself.

Develops your immortal spirit body

So when the time comes you can meet death face-on like a hero. Developing a benign mutual dynamic and dialogue with death, hence destiny, learning to make friends of it rather than regard it as nemesis, causes destiny, hence death to be similarly sympathetic to you. And you are granted full appreciation of the moment each and every one.

What are the benefits of LAST LONGO QIGONGO?

Boosts your health, stamina and self-healing power.

 Standing in bent-leg qigong postures using dynamic strength in the upper body brings power to the legs, pelvis, thorax, shoulders and arms and propels surges of chi throughout the system to activate at will all the various internal resources (character qualities, skills, memories, thought-processes, knowledge, wisdom, will, charisma and so on, required for you to live life to the level of utter fullness and magnificence you came here to experience. 

Whatever you direct the chi to is healed – chi is the agent that restores instantaneous wholeness. 

Just having it course through your system each day via the eight ‘spirit body’ energy pathways keeps you at optimal levels of health in mind, body, and in your dealings with all others.

Appreciating the moment, you derive full value and give it.

So you don’t get to the last breath, and pardon the pun, think, ‘f**k I blew that’. 

Stops you being a people pleaser. Not just because someone says stop being a people-pleaser – it just happens through the alchemical change that occurs through practice – you become pleasing to the Tao instead and that then pleases others who are but ultimately merely transient manifestations of the Tao just like you. 

And you stop unconsciously projecting the power to bully or control you against your will onto others. Again, not because someone told you to, it just happens through the alchemical change that occurs through practice. 

This is huge and profound in its significance to you, the way you live, the success you achieve, the ability to convey your needs to others, and your capacity for finding advantage in absolutely everything. 

Confers perspective.

 With perspective you take everything in your stride, nothing bangs you off balance, and you’re able to delight in being here rather than fight it constantly to your detriment. 

What does the LAST LONGO QIGONGO training comprise?  

14 fun, easy to follow videos – watch or download one a day.   Lifetime access to the training.  Watch each video and follow the moves I show you, then practice on your own to make it your own.  

Go at your own pace in terms of how much you bend, and how much dynamic strength you deploy and even how long you stand for, though recommended you stay with the pace on that when possible for maximum effect.  

Takes just a few minutes a day to practice once you’ve learned the routine.  

Use on its own or combine with other Barefoot Doctor qi gong, tai chi or School for Warriors trainings for maximum effect.

How to use LAST LONGO QIGONGO with other Barefoot Doctor Taoism trainings   


QIGONGO – is the daily routine minimum/optimum level of qigong to keep you fit as a fiddle, flexible, supple, strong, cheerful, confident, beautiful and thriving – and its highly addictive [but good for you].  

WAY-STRONGO QIGONGO – is the once a month-or-so quantum blast of super-power/strength/magnificence to enhance QIGONGO effects and get you looking lithe and trim when you need to up your game pretty fast, or less superficially speaking, prepare you for any upcoming challenges.  

STAND STRONGO QIGONGO – is the once-a-week-or-so static standing practice, the most advanced level of physical practice and the one that takes you higher the deeper you go…in preparation for:  

LAST LONGO QIGONGO – the whole point ultimately of all qigong practice – to develop the immortal spirit body, as above. 

SCHOOL FOR WARRIORS 1,2,3 – provides the preparation for, or conversely next stage work after the qigong – it’s a totally different angle on the whole practice and presents the softer side of qigong, especially good for sitting if you can’t stand or move – and a great arena in which to appreciate the alchemical shifts without making any physical demands on yourself. 

School for Warriors 3, and what would be 4, are what comprise LASTLONGO QIGONGO, THE TAI CHI AND PA KUA TRAININGS 

qigong has always traditionally been the warm-up preparation for martial arts practice – combine all or any of the QIGONGO trainings and you quantum spur your progress and skills.  

Likewise, all the other trainings from SUPERHEALING to DEEP CONFIDENCE all grow exponentially in power and effect with qigong as catalyst.  

 LAST-LONGO QIGONGO because you can’t last much longer than immortal

The training comprises

Pay with one payment, or in 3 instalments

Take your QIGONG…AND YOUR LIFE to the next level with this in-depth internal alchemy training.

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