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Find your true voice – express your true self – with this totally unique, practical & fun vocal training

  • When you find and speak with your true voice, you speak the truth and people feel it

    – your voice is the primary tool of your personality – it’s the instrument through which you play the tune of whatever you’re communicating. Know how to play it well and your confidence in communicating your needs, wishes, desires and intentions to others increases enormously Know how to play it well and the effect of the sound of your voice can be an instrument of healing in itself Those are the immediately-obvious-to-behold benefits. The more discreet and even more profound benefits are the effects using your voice properly like this has on your health, your breathing, your state of mind and probably most importantly on your own internal dialogue with yourself – once your mind gets used to hearing your voice in beautiful mode it starts mimicking that internally causing you to speak to yourself far more respectfully and remember it’s the quality of the internal dialogue that completely determines your levels of mental health and the choices you make, which determine the steps you take and so shape your life’s adventure.

  • SINGSONGO QIGONGO combines in-depth vocal training with a powerful base of qigong to root your voice at the very depths of your body and soul.

    You learn how to generate sound as if drawing it up from the Earth’s core – and that’s what makes it totally unique and efficacious Over the course of 12 practical yet thoroughly fun video lessons you’ll learn and master: projection skill musicality & suppleness tone & flexibility cadence & tempo resonance, muscularity & toning The process will bring your true voice out and you’ll be astonished at how lovely it makes you feel to speak, plus you’ll enjoy the effect it has on others as it becomes an instrument of healing as well as communication. Each day you combine a voice drill with qigong forms to make you strong, sturdy, stable as a mountain and fit as a fiddle into the bargain, plus get you as grounded and centered as a planet and expand your breath capacity as huge as the sky. The format is easy to follow and easy on the eye, filmed amidst the beauty of a summer forest beneath a pure blue sky – one video a day is all you have to do –

  • it will only take a few minutes a day along with a bit of practice on your own and in just a few days you’ll have the gift – your true voice – it will change your life

    And the wonderful thing is once you know the voice drill you can practice with or without qigong – so if you’re driving and need to limber up your vocal cords for an important meeting or date, you can, or in the shower, while out walking or whenever you feel like – but when you do couple it with the qigong it exponentially accelerates the wonderful effect while making you far stronger, fitter, more grounded and more anchored to your sanity in the process – so you’re actually getting two trainings for the price of one. And moreover… SINGSONGO QIGONGO perfectly complements the TAOIST HEALING SOUNDS & GREAT PRESENCE TRAININGS That’s why we’ll give you the TAOIST HEALING SOUNDS TRAINING ABSOLUTELY FREE when you purchase SINGSONGO QIGONGO


    TAOIST HEALING SOUNDS – In-depth guide to the six Taoist Healing Sounds audio training with Healing Sounds Soundbath. Why learn with Barefoot Doctor? Aside from and often as part of my extensive experimentation in and study of sound I’ve been using my voice extensively in a professional capacity for over 40 years and have been practicing and teaching qigong even longer and personally can think of no one more suited to bringing you this gift at this time. Then again I’m a bit biased. But as I’m required to use my voice in my work on a frequent and regular basis, people regularly compliment me on having variously a “beautiful”, “soothing”, “gorgeous”, “soulful”, “reassuring”. “comforting”, “young”, “sexy”, and “amazing” voice, among other flattering adjectives, and the reason is entirely due to practicing this vocal drill every day. I do it for myself primarily, because the way I see it or hear it, if I have to listen to my own voice I might as well make the experience enjoyable – and if I enjoy it the chances are others will too.

  • Furthermore at least 88% of the import of any spoken communication is transmitted via the actual sound-wave rather than the shape of the words themselves.

    Sound massages or disturbs those you transmit it to. It’s obvious you’ll do better in all your interactions and transactions when you massage others instead of disturb them. Which is why I’m thrilled to bring you this singing, dancing, pinging and prancing wells/bells and whistles but no bristles all-amazing SINGSONGO QIGONGO – a splendid online training of originality and worth to teach you to access and use your true voice when communicating and to communicate from the depths of your person rather than from the act, because nothing helps you connect with people and convey your needs and wants better than having a magnificent voice – plus it activates the true inner voice so your internal narrative ceases being self-harming and becomes self-validating instead – and you can even use it to activate your singing voice, and by extension the song of your heart, and that increases breath capacity which is good for longevity, all of which increases self-confidence and self-worth, while toning your muscles and increasing physical agility. Top that.


    Practical vocal training with qigong exercises for breathing, centering, strengthening and grounding to give you your true voice and your true self FIND YOUR TRUE VOICE AND TAKE THE ADVENTURE OF YOU TO THE NEXT LEVEL Introduction + 12 practical & fun, step-by-step video lessons to follow along with then practice on your own Lifetime access to the training so you can revisit whenever you wish Watch where ever you are – all videos are downloadable INCLUDES FREE BONUS HEALING SOUNDS AUDIO TRAINING – in depth guide to the six Taoist Healing Sounds + Healing Sounds Soundbath Unleash the power of your voice now with BAREFOOT DOCTOR’S SINGSONGO QIGONGO

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Unleash the power of your voice now with BAREFOOT DOCTOR’S SINGSONGO QIGONGO

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