Total Taoist Recalibration Training

Discover What's Probably The World's Most Powerful, Beneficial And Profound Form Of Meditation

If you already meditate, haven't meditated but imagine it'd be a good idea yet don't know if you can or where to begin, or always wanted to meditate but somehow haven't got round to it yet, indulge us both and spread this picture over your imagination with me for an instant...

Imagine closing your eyes and dropping into a deep meditation state like a master in moments, all at once free of all the usual mental noise and nerviness. Suddenly focused and suffused with energy like you've never been, free of distractions you feel blissful and connected heart and soul to the miracle and glory of all that is.

Imagine being able to do that without effort every day, and being able to carry the state with you as you went about your business through each day.

What would happen to you then would be…

A perpetual state of deep relaxation and delight that dissolves stress before it accumulates and makes you feel younger the older you get.

 A reconnection of body, self and soul that empowers you to take command of your own autonomic system to grant you health and incline you naturally and effortlessly to take up healthy, life-affirming habits

 A direct tap into your creative flow to show you a novel way round or over any challenge or obstacle and enhance the way you perform in everyday life

A deeper empathy and understanding of other's experience and needs, affording you closer soul-level connection with all the people in your life

 An enhanced sex-drive and capacity for more soul-level intimacy with a lover

An unshakable miracle-mindedness about attracting wealth and being successful

An on-running stream of revelations and insights, a more cogent sense of self as Big Presence and an indubitable sense of your real purpose and mission.

  • You may have tried to meditate before but not felt anything like this. You may just have found the whole thing a bit of a struggle. Why? First bear in mind…

    When you meditate brainwaves shift from ‘Beta’ to ‘Alpha’ and you enter a more relaxed state of consciousness, similar to when listening to beautiful entrancing music or getting lost in a glorious view. Beta is the waking state associated with being in thrall to the drama of the everyday world, bounded by perceived limitations of time and space and dominated by rational, often anxious thought. Enter the Alpha state and brain frequency drops to about half the speed, hitherto perceived limitations of time and space fall away and your intuitive mind takes over. After a few more moments the frequency drops by about half again and you move into deep meditation, the Theta state.

  • What makes it hard?

    It's hard not to get shaken out of the Alpha state by the thoughts in your head, the pains or discomfort in your body, or external noise. This is the bit most find the hardest. People try all sorts and go to all sorts of length to manage it but alas mostly in vain. However, when you learn to position yourself correctly within your body, just like Taoist martial arts masters do it in combat (and all the rest of the time) staying in alpha is a doddle. And that's exactly the way I teach you to do it. Why is Taoist meditation different – at least the way I teach it? It’s free of mumbo jumbo, robes or leotards. You don’t need to face a certain direction, contort yourself into shapes, mutter incantations or listen to any specific types of music. You can do it sitting, lying or even standing at the supermarket check-out. Once you’ve grasped a few basic principles, you’ll find this way of meditation does not need to be reserved for a special time, you can slip into it whenever you turn your mind to it – it becomes a way of life. In these TOTAL TAOIST RECALIBRATION MEDITATION TRAINING AUDIOS, I’ll show you how.

  • We start with demystifying meditation, and examining why it’s so good for you.

    I’ll explain how meditation has affected my life for the better and I’ll go into FULL detail of how to meditate the Taoist way. I show you how to: relax and feel calm and in command – no matter the external circumstances. Generate a feeling of power and energy – whenever you need a boost. Visualize yourself in the state you really want to be in - and then, how to actually be there and embody that state. Use meditation to improve your relationships – to attract or rekindle love. Retreat to your inner 'cave' to restore yourself on the spot whenever you need a rush of inner calm and confidence. Issue positive commands to yourself so you can tackle challenges joyfully without hesitation or procrastination. Reduce everyday stress quickly – so you worry less AND care less what others think. Enjoy each and every minute to the maximum, come what may – after all, at the nub of it, that’s what we all came here for.

  • An in-depth training followed by a deeply relaxing guided meditation - a simple way to learn Total Taoist Recalibration techniques to use now and for the rest of your life:

    Part 1 - takes you through why meditation is so powerful and so beneficial in many areas of life and teaches you, my step-by-step failsafe way to meditate the Taoist way - simply listen and follow along; Part 2 - is a long, guided meditation to relax you deeply and ingrain the process taught in part 1 - download and listen through headphones for best effect - then rinse and repeat whenever you want to sink back into that blissful state to emerge relaxed, refreshed and raring to go on with the next part of your adventure. Welcome to deeper, richer, more powerful meditation. Order now to start meditating with me in 5 minutes.

What the training comprise

  • 1
    An in depth audio training on why is meditation is so powerful and a step by step guide to meditating the Taoist way
    • Why meditation is so powerful and step by step guide to the Taoist way of meditating
  • 2
    A long guided audio meditation to relax you deeply
    • Total Taoist recalibration meditation